Are You Exercising Your Cat?

Now, I know that this post is only going to speak to a few others out there because it is written for my fellow cat lovers. I tried the dog owner thing and failed miserably. I love the idea of a dog and appreciate the little or big guys, but I am a horrible dog owner. I have always loved cats. My cats greet me at the door, ask for their food and affection, and then disappear for a couple of hours. This is the pattern I was used to. I get it now, having a dog means you have a new best friend that will require individual one-on-one time throughout the day. I’m not giving up on dog ownership, but I realize that right now, I cannot devote the time necessary to a pooch.

So, I have cats, Fuzzy Bullet and Snickers. I love them! And we discovered the coolest toy ever for a cat, GoCat Da Bird Cat Feather Bird. I have never seen a kitty jump as high as ours do when we bust this thing out. Get one and try it…it’s better than watching a movie. Enjoy!

Da Bird

What’s On Your Kid’s Feet

I love Keen sandals for Dathan’s feet! They work well for pretty much the whole year in Southern California. We bought him his first pair last spring and he still wears them. One of the best things about them is that you can buy them big and allow for growing room without compromising the shoe’s fit. The reason for this is that you can tighten up the laces just around the heel and mid-section of the foot. This allows for lots of wiggle room in the toe box without sliding in the heel.

I’m pretty excited for his next pair because his Keen Newport H2′s are done! They no longer fit him that well and are now perpetually stinky. We’re not going to buy the H2′s this time around because I’ve found a new model that I think fits our needs a bit better, KEEN Seacamp CNX Sandal. There is less bulk to them and they should breathe a bit more for those hot summer days. I will be sure to let you know how they work. Enjoy!


A Good Read

I am in a season of constant repeat. We are not traveling anywhere for my husband’s business until the spring, Dathan is in a review season for school, and here in Southern California the weather hasn’t changed in months. Yeah, I’m kind of complaining about the lack of weather because I love to layer clothing and the summer-like weather is preventing me from doing this. My days are filled with the exact same activity, routine, and tasks that I always do and my nights fly by whether I am sound asleep or lying awake thinking. I feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, but way less cool because I’m not Bill Murray.

When a season of repeat hits me, my first inkling is to complain, try to fill my schedule with something new, or just change things up a bit. This time things are different. I have decided to savor the monotony and seek out the opportunity in it. Even though my days feel long, I know that the actual number of my days is very short. So, I am going to sit and watch the 1980′s G.I. Joe cartoon with Dathan, listen to my husband’s excited talk about a film stock or some camera he’s been watching on ebay, and read a book for myself. No, not one on clean eating, new teaching styles, or a daily devotional, but a novel that can take me outside of Irvine, Ca and transplant me into a different place and time. I’m thinking the British countryside is calling! Anyways, below is a book that I could not put down from the moment I started it. It’s words resonate in my head and heart because I see it’s truth in my everyday surroundings. If you enjoy action, philosophy, and apocalyptic plot lines…check out C.S. Lewis’s That Hideous Strength
. It’s good…beyond good. Enjoy!

That Hideous Strength

Nifty and Thrifty Storage

Sometimes, I look back to when I was pregnant and think, “Man, if I only knew then what I know now, I would have saved my old self a ton of money!” Well, experience is the best of teachers. As C.S. Lewis put it, “Experience: that most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God do you learn.” So, I’m not too hard on myself in my reflections, I tend to just smirk and then thank God for giving me grace and wisdom to grow.

There is one product that I purchased while pregnant with Dathan that I still use today for him. No, it’s not a sentimental item, like a blanket or rocking chair; it’s something much smaller. To this day I use my old breast milk storage system cups as little containers for his snacks or packed lunches. These are the very same ones I purchased over six years ago and not a day goes by that I do not use at least one. So, I wanted to share them with you. They’re the Philips Avent Storage System. I love these things. They stack on top each other, actually click together, can be frozen, their tops screw on, instead of just a press down, and they wash up nicely. One of their biggest advantages over other small containers is that with the screw on top, you can pack applesauce or yogurt without worry over a spill. It also creates an airtight atmosphere, where you can store other things besides food. My husband puts coconut oil in one for travel-size lotion. I’d imagine you could store play dough, finger paint, or any other small, but messy craft item. They’re quite easy to label too. Enjoy and if you have any great products or solutions that you would like to share, please write a comment below.

Check them out her on Amazon -

Almond Joy…I mean, Almond Flour Joy

Yay! My 5lb. bag of almond flour arrived today! I don’t know why Amazon has stopped shipping their orders in the boxes with smiles on them because I always liked that. I am smiling because for at least a month, I do not have to scour the natural food section of my local grocery store in search of this product. Almond flour is the one item that has made my transition into a grain-free life worth it. I can create cookies, pancakes, breads, cakes, and any other number of baked goods from almond flour. Can you tell that I love it?


One cookie or sweet treat made from almond flour is 10x’s more filling than a wheat-laden, sugar-filled item. The protein in the flour gives you an instant full feeling, so even if you wanted to binge eat; your stomach says, “No, thank you.” I think this product is catching on rapidly because when I first started my new way of eating, I could find it everywhere, but now I’m lucky if there’s even one bag of it left on the shelf. When buying in bulk, however, it is important to store your almond flour in an airtight container and then even possibly in the freezer. It depends on how quickly you use it up, for me; I can get away with keeping it in my pantry because it will be gone by the end of the month. You can always break up into even portions and freeze some and store the others. Almond flour can last for years in the freezer, but why would you want to do that? Enjoy!

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